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The Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program


Virginia Todd Chapel is a 1965 Penn State graduate with a degree in English and member of the Liberal Arts Development Council. Virginia had a successful career with the management consulting firm of Booz Allen Hamilton and later became a partner in LeapFrog Solutions, a marketing communications management firm, based in Fairfax, VA. Her husband, John Chapel, is a graduate of Drexel University and today, he is President and CEO of White Hall Capital LLC, a Northern Virginia-based private equity investment firm.

The Chapels have made a new leadership gift of $1 million to create The Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program. This funding, partnered with an earlier gift, will support premium internships, particularly in the private sector, for Liberal Arts students who excel academically and who seek high-quality career development opportunities.

Liberal Arts majors participating in an internship experience are encouraged to apply for The Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program. Undergraduate students selected will receive a $5,000 award to support their internship experience.

For more information on Virginia and John Chapel, click here.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Current undergraduate student;
  2. At least one declared Liberal Arts major;
  3. Completion of at least 60 credits;
  4. Minimum GPA of 3.0;
  5. Secured an offer for a full-time internship in the business/private sector;
  6. Internships may be paid or unpaid, as long as applicants meet the noted eligibility requirements.


Please note that strongest consideration will be given to applicants who:

  • Are participating in a full-time internship in the business/private sector;
  • Submit their applications by the enrichment funds priority application deadline for each semester:
    • Fall Semester Priority Deadline:  September 1
    • Spring Semester Priority Deadline: December 1
    • Summer Semester Priority Deadline: May 1

Application Instructions:

To apply for the Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program, Liberal Arts majors should submit an enrichment application via the online Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds Application System.  Application requirements will include:

  1. Student Statement: Complete the Student Statement template and clearly indicate that you are applying for the Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program.  Provide answers to the questions included in the Student Statement template. In your answers to these questions, make sure you: describe your internship (job title, name of organization, and any details regarding your position); tell us how your internship experience will support your career goals and why your internship is unique and worthy of this support; and include any financial circumstances of which we should be made aware.
  2. List of Expenses: Complete the Internship Expense Summary template detailing your itemized list of expenses.
  3. Acceptance Letter: Provide a copy of your acceptance/offer letter for your internship.

Students selected as recipients of the Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program awards will receive $5,000 which will be deposited into their Penn State student bursar account the semester during which their internship takes place.  More information about the disbursement of enrichment funds can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of our website.

Students who are not selected for the Virginia Todd Chapel Executive Internship Program will automatically be considered for our general Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds. There is no need to submit a separate application.

Selected students will be expected to:

  • Write a letter thanking the donors responsible for the award;
  • Submit a reflective paper at the conclusion of the internship experience (usually an assignment for the LA 495 internship course);
  • Participate in the Leadership Enrichment through Assessment and Development (LEAD) Program if you have not already done so;
  • Submit a photo or photos of yourself, preferably from your internship experience, along with a brief job description;
  • Provide links to any blog posts you may write as part of the experience;
  • Meet with the donors if they return to campus.


For more information about this competitive internship program, contact the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network.

Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network
101 Sparks Building
University Park, PA 16802

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