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Excellence in Communication Certificate / e-Portfolio

The Excellence in Communication Certificate (ECC) recognizes Liberal Arts students who demonstrate superior skill in various types of communication (oral, written, visual, and electronic). Throughout their undergraduate career, Liberal Arts students can collect their essays, research papers, speeches, visual designs, electronic media, or creative writing that might be revised and perfected to include as components of their e-portfolio, which students submit for evaluation, to earn the ECC. (Paterno Fellow aspirants will start their e-portfolios as a capstone project for ENGL/CAS 138T). Liberal Arts students who earn the Excellence in Communication Certificate will emerge as versatile communicators who know how to engage a variety of audiences, write with precision and style, think with complexity and maturity, speak with passion and originality, employ fully the possibilities of electronic media, and conduct themselves as communicators with honesty and compassion.

The Certificate enriches the Liberal Arts undergraduate experience by encouraging growth in the abilities associated with communication excellence. Students pursuing the certificate learn to think holistically about college as a process of becoming a reflective intellectual, a resourceful researcher, a technologically sophisticated student, and an ethical citizen. The certificate calls for a mastery of form, content, and eloquence in communication: in that way, it contributes to a student’s continued success beyond college.

The e-portfolio will also function as part of an outstanding electronic résumé. Regardless of whether or not an aspiring student earns the Certificate, the e-portfolio can provide an effective way of demonstrating the student’s abilities to graduate schools, professional schools, and prospective employers.

Students can declare their intent to earn the ECC by signing up on this website, by contacting ECC Director Jessica O'Hara (, or by contacting a member of the ECC Advisory Panel. Once students declare their interest, they are paired with a faculty member in a communication field who will serve as their ECC Advisor. ECC Advisors will help students to select and arrange pieces for their e-portfolio and to stay on track to earn the credential. Students are welcome to request a particular ECC advisor (though that request may not always be fulfilled, due to availability). Students must have standing as a Junior or Senior to earn the ECC.

Currently, the Excellence in Communication Certificate and the processes associated with it are available only to students in the College of the Liberal Arts.

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