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The College of the Liberal Arts offers a traditional foundation that focuses on the humanities, languages, and social sciences. A Liberal Arts education may lead you to literally anywhere: to careers in business, law, government, education, or public service; to graduate or professional schools; even to careers in fields not usually associated with liberal arts, like medicine. Penn State graduates with liberal arts educations have mobility within a given career area and flexibility to change careers, too.

View the complete list of majors by department and contact information for advisers by major.


A minor is an academic program that supplements a major, and may consist of course work in a single area or from several disciplines. In most cases, students do not have to be enrolled in the college that offers a particular minor in order to pursue that minor. More than one minor can be completed if a student is interested in developing an emphasis in additional disciplines.

View the complete list of minors by department and contact information for advisers by minor.

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